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1 March, 2011
Mesothelioma Sub-Types
Once a type of mesothelioma has been diagnosed, doctors will further divide it into more specific ..

20 February, 2011
As photodynamic therapy works
If you and your doctor decides that photodynamic therapy for treatment of mesothelioma is right for ..

11 February, 2011
Other Conditions Linked to Asbestos
Recent studies show that asbestos can be connected to more than a disease of medical workers ..

31 January, 2011
Second Hand Exposure
Direct, the workplace exposure to asbestos does not affect the American workers alone.

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Types of Asbestos


Asbestos is often perceived as a single product, but the term actually refers to six different minerals with similar properties. These properties include fire resistance, durability, flexibility and low electrical conductivity. Unfortunately, all six types of asbestos are also formed of thin fibers, which can decay and be ingested by unsuspecting people. Although some species are considered more dangerous than others, there is no such thing as a safe asbestos.

If you have been exposed to asbestos at work or in your home, knowing the type of asbestos involved can be both medical and legal implications. It is important for those whose lives have been affected by exposure to asbestos to be familiar with its different forms, and risk factors of each.

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